HP Community of Practice 2021 Overview

by Jan 6, 2022KV News, Human Performance CoP

This year, the Human Performance Community of Practice has hosted some talented speakers. Below is the list of all 2021 CoP speakers (including speakers from the NERC Human Performance in Electric Power Conference). Click the titles to watch any CoP meeting you may have missed, or rewatch your favorite moments! Thank you to everyone who participated. See you next year!


Riz Shah: “HP and Organizational Culture”

Earl Carnes & Richard Hartley: “When events don’t play by the rules, how do you learn from them?”

Mike Legatt & James Merlo: “Obedience, Compliance, or Conformity – Part II”

Sam Chanoski: “Cyber-Informed Engineering Research”

Beth Lay & Asher Balkin: “Implementing Safety Differently”

Mike Legatt & James Merlo: “Cognitive Flexibility”

Sheila Kennedy: “Choosing Words Wisely”

Tanya Hewitt: “The Positives and Pitfalls of Functional Stupidity”

David Costello: “The Journey of Continuous Improvement and HP at SEL”

Dave Sowers: “Luck is Not a Strategy, HP is”

Sam Reno: “Building an HP Champion Program”

Jake Mazulewicz: “Why You Can’t Proceduralize Everything”

Beth Lay: “Learning Differently: New View Safety Applied to Learning from Incidents and Close Calls”

Index AR: “Using Technology and Science to Improve HP with eBooks & Apps”

Robert Latino: “Doing an RCA on Why RCA Programs Fail”

Hayley Staten: “Three Mile Island: What Electronic Health Records Designers Can Learn”

Kevin Harris: “Evolution of HP Error Prevention Toolkits”

Eric Bauman & Matthew Hallowell: “Comparing Company Characteristics and Injury Rates”

Rob Fisher: “Leaders Need Tools Too!”

Ken Dorantes, Hector Nunez & Andrey Oaks: “Control Rooms During Crisis”

Katie Smith: “Making Safe Decisions”

Mike Legatt & James Merlo: “Situational Awareness”

Shari Heino: “Human Performance and COVID-19”

Sam Chanoski: “Cybersecurity for Operational Technology Environments (CyOTE™) program”

Jake Mazulewicz: “Seven Steps to Build Human Reliability in Technical Teams”

Jason Kring: “Uncovering the Challenges to Safe and Resilient Operations through Data-Driven Human Performance Analysis”

Tyler Clement: “Building a Learning Organization through a Management Review Committee”

KnowledgeVine: “Applying EEI’s Serious Injuries and Fatalities (SIF) Precursors to Change Risky Behavior in the Field”

Jackie Peer, Pooja Shah, LaRhonda Julien: “The Importance of Women Role Models and Mentors in Building Diversity in the Electric Industry“

Pamela Ey: “Human Performance Maturity Model”

James Merlo & Mike Legatt: “High-Stress Communications” (Try 3)

Anna Skinner: “Use of psychology and human factors principles in the design of technology and training tools to optimize human performance and human-machine interaction”

Sheryl Tullis: “Building Impactful Experiences, Lessons Learned from Working with Colin Powell”

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