This week KnowledgeVine would like to highlight Fran Firmin. Fran has been with the company for seven years.


Tell us a little about your experience leading up to KnowledgeVine.

Growing up in the construction industry and being raised by an ironworker really toughened me up and prepared me for interacting with linemen.


What Core Four Tool do you find most effective?

The tool Self Check was a total game-changer for me. Learning about the tool Self Check and using it everywhere I go has considerably cut down on the number of everyday errors for me. I always considered myself to be very forgetful, but performing Self Checks as I move throughout my day has saved many steps having to retrace my steps to pick up a forgotten object or complete a missed step. I truly am more efficient at home, but most importantly, I am more productive on the job.


What Core Four Error Traps do you fall into the most?

I am pretty sure the trap I most often fall into is Self Imposed Time Pressure.


What do you like to listen to on the road?

This totally depends on my mood. I might chill listening to Merle, Lorretta, Patsy and Conway, or I might rock it out to Def Leppard. I would say I use much of my drive time for quiet time and prayer.


Tell us two truths and a lie about you.

I turned down a job as a flight attendant at age 20 because my Dad was afraid of me being in an airplane all the time. I used to be a licensed falconer. I won a tumbling competition when I was a high school cheerleader.