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REMEDY: the complete formula for Human Performance Improvement Training
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What is REMEDY?


REMEDY® is the complete formula for implementing a Human Performance Improvement culture.  It reduces the individual’s active errors, assists with change management, and addresses organizational deficiencies that may encourage accidents and injuries. 

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Get the big-picture view of REMEDY in 5 minutes!

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What does REMEDY do?

REMEDY gives companies a blueprint along with all the data, training, materials, and coaching required to start and sustain their journey to success.

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Teaches your team to apply Human Performance in the field.

Job Aids

Provides simple to use, hands-on tools to guide day to day actions.

Management Engagement

Focuses on the leaders’ and executives’ roles in HP strategies.

Error Defenses

Promotes strategies to address system level issues that lead to errors.


Delivers on-going resources to anchor Human Performance in the culture.

In-Field Coaching

Guides leaders on how to apply Human Performance techniques in the field.

Who needs REMEDY?

REMEDY is for companies seeking to implement a full Human Performance process that involves the entire organization and has long term sustainability.

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Organizations looking for a start-to-finish process for building a Human Performance culture.


Organizations that have plateaued or need a jump-start to get back to continuous improvement.


Executives wanting to encourage a culture of trust which allows information to flow between all levels of the organization.


Leaders wanting to strengthen relationships to encourage worker feedback.


Employees wanting to contribute their experiences, skills, and abilities to help the organization succeed.


Organizations looking for methods and processes to sustain a high reliability level within their operations.

Where do you want to go? The REMEDY Matrix details the values shared by high reliability organizations and provides a snapshot of what your company will look like once Human Performance takes root in the culture.

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