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Decision-Driven Safety: COACH vs. Compliance Cop
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What is Decision-Driven Safety?

Safety COACH vs. Compliance Cop

KnowledgeVine Human Performance Improvement Training - Human Performance Third Party Safety Oversight

Decision-Driven Safety is the standard in third-party safety oversight. Our in-field coaches focus on identifying, addressing, and resolving safety issues so you don’t see the same errors repeated throughout your project.

We don’t just point out problems. We teach workers to recognize error-likely situations (Traps) and utilize human performance techniques (Tools) to make the right decisions leading to safer outcomes.

Who needs DDS?

Companies or individuals requiring a comprehensive team of professionals to provide oversight to large scale projects/operations or one behavioral safety professional delivering a few hours of assistance. We can help.

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Lower RIR

Implementation of DDS has demonstrated a reduction in Recordable Incident Rate (RIR) for one of our major International Petrochemical clients from 14 incidents to ZERO over a 6 month period to period time frame.

Record Setting

In another example of successful Decision-Driven Safety program implementation, a 60-mile transmission project involving 20 contractors over a 2 year period had the lowest RIR in the history of the company.

Why is DDS Different?

KnowledgeVine’s Decision-Driven Safety (DDS) program eliminates the problems commonly associated with traditional compliance-based safety oversight.

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Our Coaches

Our coaches don’t just monitor, they engage with workers to eliminate the influences that may have encouraged a wrong decision.

We Teach

We teach your workers Human Performance fundamentals to help them understand their decisions and subsequent behaviors.

"Why and How"

Coaching on behavior ensures we understand the “why and how” behind the issues so we can prevent recurrence.

Data Collection

Collecting data on compliance and behavior gives you a clearer picture of performance.

Performance Improvement KPI's

Positive coaching on TOOLS leads to improving performance in the key safety attributes.

Knowledgevine Improved Performance KPIs

Safer Outcomes by Influencing day-to-day Decisions

KnowledgeVine Human Performance Improvement Training - Human Performance Behaviors

Reinforces positive behaviors and results

KnowledgeVine Human Performance Improvement Training - Human Performance Insights

Collects the right data to provide insights into causes and behaviors

KnowledgeVine Human Performance Improvement Training - Human Performance Tools and Traps

Teaches behavioral techniques for reducing errors and identifying traps and hazards

KnowledgeVine Human Performance Improvement Training - Human Performance Resolving Organizational Issues

Indentifies and resolves organizational issues and spotlights areas of vague guidance

Click below to download the white paper that details how Decision-Driven Safety has helped companies like yours achieve safer outcomes by influencing day-to-day decisions. 

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