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What is HP Ready?

HP Ready is an efficient and effective process to help individuals start applying Human Performance Techniques to their work.

What does HP Ready do?

HP Ready provides each person with practical actions and easy to follow job-aids to help them utilize Human Performance while working.

Knowledgevine 2-Minute Drill Comp

Teaches your team to apply Human Performance in the field.

Job Aids

No need to memorize training content; the 2 – Minute Drill Card gives your team easy to understand actions to use on every task.


Who needs HP Ready?

Companies and individuals wanting to effortlessly employ Human Performance methodologies to help their team reduce active errors.

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We’ve worked with some great companies already. We think you should join them in your quest for workplace safety, error reduction, higher yields, and higher profitability.

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Drs. Mike Legatt and James Merlo host high profile guest speakers and lead virtual discussions in the Human Performance Community of Practice every other Thursday at 4PM EST.