HP CoP: Use of Psychology to Optimize Human Performance and Human-Machine Interaction

by Dec 1, 2021Human Performance CoP

The Use of Psychology and Human Factors Principles in the Design of Technology and Training Tools to Optimize Human Performance and Human-Machine Interaction

Anna’s professional experience and expertise blend her educational background in biomedical engineering and human factors psychology, emphasizing the application of theoretically- and empirically-based cognitive science, neuroscience, and human factors principles to the design of technology and training tools to optimize human performance and human-machine interaction. In particular, for nearly 20 years, she has pursued efforts to develop technologies and interaction methods to foster a symbiotic relationship between humans and the increasingly advanced technological machines at their disposal. Anna’s primary areas of expertise include human-computer interaction (HCI), human-robot interaction (HRI), simulation-based training, and physiological assessment for performance augmentation.

Anna’s objective is to lead organizations in envisioning and realizing non-incremental advances in technology development. This includes leveraging her technical and project management skills to formulate and direct scientifically-grounded technology development efforts, while also leveraging her current customer relationships and business development skills to expand to new markets.

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