This week KnowledgeVine would like to highlight Brandon Wales (Popsicle). Popsicle has been with the company for a year.


Tell us a little about your experience leading up to KnowledgeVine.

For 15 years, I was in operations for ExxonMobil. I became a bullfighter for ten years at rodeos in the south. I worked as a Contractor Safety lead for Baton Rouge area Projects at ExxonMobil, and then I was a police officer in Zachary, LA, for several years.


What Core Four Tool do you find most effective?

Effective Communication. It’s a great tool in life, from the job to relationships.


What Core Four Error Traps do you fall into the most?


What do you like to listen to on the road?

I listen to everything except “elevator music.”


Tell us two truths and a lie about you.

Never met a stranger.

Hardly ever wear shorts. I’m a blue jeans and boots guy.

I was runner-up in the Louisiana sexiest legs competition.