This week KnowledgeVine would like to highlight Danny McNeely. Danny has been with the company for five years.


Tell us a little about your experience leading up to KnowledgeVine.

I have 35+ years of experience in the utility business. My experience started as a utility lineman, advanced to management, and then advanced to senior safety specialist. I currently am the field manager for KnowledgeVine in the Houston Area.


What Core Four Tool do you find most effective?

Effective communication leaves out Vague Guidance, which leaves a more narrow path for accidents, or unsure action for tasks.


What Core Four Error Traps do you fall into the most?

Time Pressure.


What do you like to listen to on the road?

I listen to all genres of music.


Tell us two truths and a lie about you.

I like vague guidance. I believe family is very important. I am a very outspoken and outgoing person.