This week KnowledgeVine would like to highlight Nick Brakefield. Nick has been with the company since August of this year.


Tell us a little about your experience leading up to KnowledgeVine.

I was a lineman for 9 years before coming on board with KV.


What Core Four Tool do you find most effective?

Questioning Attitude. Having a Questioning Attitude helps me stop and think about how I can do my job safely and most efficiently. At home, it makes me more aware of the potential risk while going through everyday activities.


What Core Four Error Traps do you fall into the most?



What do you like to listen to on the road?

I’m a country guy all the way.


Tell us two truths and a lie about you.

Being a lineman was not something I ever thought I would ever do.

I served as my high school mascot at our football games.

Being a husband and a father are my number one priorities.